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I love God, my family, summer, rainy days when I can snuggle on the couch, my cats/kids Indi and Charlie, fresh snow, Christmas time, sweatpants, anything old, the perfect fitting jeans, candles, the feeling of warm sun on my skin, a good sale, cars, my Dad’s Old Spice, my Grandma's house, camping, woodworking, laughing til I cry, projects, children, walking barefoot in the grass, weightlifting, the time to read a good book, the beach, ice cream, the smell of suntan lotion, Montana, sleeping in, road trips, sweet tea, slippers, office supplies, and dangly earrings...  

My photo journey began as a child, and I can remember the first time I was trusted with my own camera. I was about eight years old, visiting my great-grandparents in the mountains of Asheville, NC, and was given a 110-film camera to document my visit. I spent the next few days carefully capturing all the details of my trip; the flowers, every dog and cat that would let me get close enough, the community watch sign, and even a couple of people.

After that first experience, I was hooked on "taking pictures" but didn't realize or appreciate the art and technique that went into photography until much later.

I attended UNC-Wilmington and earned a BA in Communication Studies. I graduated and entered the corporate world as a marketing coordinator for an accounting software business. I loved my job but knew in my heart it wasn't something I wanted to do forever. I went from job to job for three years and finally decided to turn my hobby into a part-time business. I kept a full-time marketing position and decided to work part-time in a local photo lab to learn that part of the process. All those work experiences proved to be invaluable. I met so many great friends and learned more than any class or degree could have taught me. It wasn't long before I quit my full-time job, quit working at the lab, and jumped into the most challenging and rewarding work I could have ever imagined.

I can proudly say I've come a long way since those first images as a child, but I still take tremendous care in recording the details of my subjects. I love being a photographer because I have the privilege of being part of many different and special times in people's lives.

Through my work, I have had the opportunity to meet people and see things I probably wouldn't have otherwise. I've held a 10-day-old tiger cub, shared countless wedding days with happy couples and their families, watched the sun rise over giant saguaro cacti, witnessed wolves chase down and kill a deer (not my favorite experience), listened in while little ones talk with Santa, felt the ground move under my feet as larger-than-life NFL football players race towards the end zone, and I've had conversations with precious children (some with their little pants on backward and their shoes on the wrong feet - because they dressed themselves) that still make me smile.

With every experience, I am thankful for all the gifts God gave me and the moments I will remember forever.

Thank you for sharing your special memories and precious families with me!
                     - darcy

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